Patience. Precision. Focus.
These are the traits of a ninja.

Travel to feudal Japan following the lead of a golden dragon and become a Disc Ninja! Your task will be difficult: reach the Golden Dragon with as few throws as possible. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking virtual reality setting and practice your Disc Golf skills, come rain or shine.

Win tournaments in all provinces and prove that you are the greatest Disc Ninja of all time. Your path will lead through high mountains, treacherous valleys, beautiful palaces, and temples full of deadly traps. The challenge awaits. Ganbatte!

Now includes "Rush mode" update, that expands key gameplay elements while incorporating multiple QoL improvements.

Key features:
• 15 maps with beautiful, stylized graphics;
• Realistic disc throwing physics with various difficulty levels;
• Multiple unlockable collectibles including unique ninja costumes and disc designs;
• Multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 ninjas to compete against each other.

Available here